Brian T Shirley Comedian/Writer/Actor/TV Show Host

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Brian T Shirley

Brian has toured the USA, Canada, The Bahamas and Japan for 25 years. He combines menology, character driven material, story telling and improvisation to form a well honed show. He speaks of growing up poor, divorce, relationships, the military, crazy money making schemes and much, much more. He's worked well known Comedy Clubs, Country Clubs, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Special Events, Military Installations and Private Events! Here's some of his  upcoming shows, promo videos, videos from his webs series and other projects!!

The Documentary Short based on Brian's Military service as it relates to his comedy career won "Best Short Documentary Film" in the Macoproject Film Festival in July 2017!!  






  Here's a link to a press release for some of Brian's upcoming shows in NSAEN online magazine!! 

Veterans in Blue Brian T Shirley

 This documentary shows Brian's Comedy Career in relation to his military service and childhood. It has been screened in several Film Festivals and will be shown at The Mesa Theatre in Grand Junction, CO for the Indie Film Showcase on May 23, 2017 


 This film won "Best Short Documentary Film" in the Macoproject Film festival July 2017 



 Promo Video for Brian T Shirley

BTS on the Road


 This WEB TV series is in it's third season and shows the viewers what it's like to be a touring entertainer. Here's the latest episode, check out the full series on You Tube!! 



Bengleton Socks WEB TV Series

Brian's scripted WEB TV Series has four episodes in it's first season, with one of the episodes being screened at the "Mountain of Laughs Comedy Festival" in Gatlinburg, TN April 8th 2017!! Here's a teaser video for the first season.  




 Brian's voice can be heard as a morning Radio announcer in the feature film "Inside Ben" which came out Feb 25th 2017!!

 Here's the poster for the movie, check out this Psychological Thriller!!


 BTS Entertainment Corner

 Brian host's a segment called "BTS Entertainment Corner", which is aired on "What's the Story?" Radio show on 1180 AM out of Reno, NV and on the WEB TV Series "Hollywood South" which is aired monthly on AHR WEB TV Network!!

NSAEN Online International Film Festival

 Brian is one of the Executive Producers for the NSAEN Online FF. Early Bird Submissions start July 1st @$15